Soldater til parade i forbindelse med Flagdag 2013.

Flagdag 2013. Foto: Sara Skytte

The goal of this cultural awareness leaflet is to provide a guide on Danish civilian and military culture for foreign personnel working with Danish forces.


This leaflet presents a Danish look at our cultural dispositions and biases, which a foreigner and coalition partner may experience in both Danish ‘civilian’ and military culture.


During cooperation and/or joint operations with Danish forces the reader will to a larger or smaller degree be in contact with Danish personnel, military or otherwise, and this guide can assist the reader in his/her interaction with Danish personnel. By giving the reader cultural awareness of Danish history, politics, geography, social structure and military culture, along with a short summary of the main characteristics of the three Services in Danish Defence, the guide will serve as an introduction to interaction and working with the Danes.


The advice and instructions provided in this manual are not exhaustive, and many Danes, civilian and military, may not act in accordance with the below information, nor necessarily agree with its characterisation of Danish politics, social structure or military culture, but this guide delivers a summary of our chosen research on these subjects and, hence, a best-possible look on Danish culture.

  • Udgiver

    Institute for Languages and Cultures

  • Udgivelsesdato

    5. december, 2015

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