The strategy was deemed controversial form the beginning, especially by the US and international experts on Afghanistan. The strategy was to broker af deal between the international forces, the local administration and the village elders. Once the deal had been agreed, the international troops and the Taliban fighters were to evacuate and exclusion zone extending fice kilometers from the village centre. The elders were then left in charge of security within the village. Hovever, after three months of relative peace in the village, the Taliban retook control of it. 


My argument in this article is that the peace deal brokered between the international forces, the Afghan government and the village elders in Musa Quala should be seen as the right approach to follw, but with some preconditions for success, which have not been analysed or implemented.



Peter Dahl Truelsen



Udgivelsesår: 2007

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Udgivelsesdato: 13-04-2007

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    13. april, 2007

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