Dekan Henrik Breitenbaucher taler ved NASI 2022

Dean at the Royal Danish Defence College Henrik Breitenbauch. Photo: Kamilla Elming Lausten, RDDC

The seminar was supposed to have taken place in December, but the covid-19 situation at the time made it difficult. Therefore, it was a pleasure to welcome the participants from the seven countries at Frederiksberg Palace in Copenhagen – attending in person and online.


President of U.S. Naval War College Rear Admiral Shoshana Catfield, Dean at U.S. Naval War College Thomas Mangold, Commandant of the Royal Danish Defence College Rear Admiral Henrik Ryberg, and the Dean at the Royal Danish Defence College Henrik Breitenbauch opened the seminar.

Photo: Kamilla Elming Lausten, RDDC


Strengthening dialogue and strategic partnerships and relations

Keynotes was given by Carlos Del Toro, 78th U.S. Secretary of the Navy, Vice Admiral Eugene ”Gene” H. Black III, commander, SIXTH Fleet, and Thomas Winkler, Arctic Ambassador and Senior Arctic Official in the Arctic Council for the Kingdom of Denmark.


The war in Ukraine and the actions of Russia undeniably affected the conversations throughout the seminar, and it was discussed how the world situation will look from now on and how it will affect the situation in the Arctic.


Topics like China’s interests in the Arctic, the implications of climate change, the Arctic as a low-tension region, the infrastructure and the resources in the Arctic During was discussed during interesting keynotes and panels. There was also remarks from Jens Heinrich, Head of Greenland’s Representation in Copenhagen, and Jóannes V. Hansen, Head of Faroe Island’s Representation in Copenhagen. The participants also took part in a wargame under the title ”Arctic Stability Operations Game”.


The participants also got an insight in to Danish history, when Major Steen Kjærgaard, deputy manager at Institute for Strategy and War Studies at The Royal Danish Defence College, gave a tour around Frederiksberg Palace and showed the hidden treasures and secrets of the palace.


The seminar delivered many answers, but it also raised questions. Questions, which the participants are looking forward to discuss further on in the framework of NASI: What will the implications of climate change be? What specific information do we need to share with our partners in order to continuously strengthen our dialogue and cooperation? What is “low-tension” today and going forward? And what will the future drivers of tension be in the Arctic?

The Newport Arctic Scholars Initiative

The Newport Arctic Scholars Initiative (NASI) is a network that gathers sailors and scholars from the United States, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark and a network that serves the purpose of strengthening the dialogue and cooperation in the Arctic region.