Royal Danish Defence College - in service to the Danish Defence

We believe that the future is becoming more complex and unpredictable. We believe that the skill requirements for soldiers are expanding. Consequently, we need to be smarter in the way we think education and training.


We educate and train Danish Defence forces to solve the unique tasks of the Danish Defence. We achieve this through contemporary, relevant, and flexible education and training.


We translate demands in the field to education and training and ensure a constant connection to practice. Our education and training rests on a solid foundation of professional expertise with research within the three core fields of military studies: military operations, military strategy, and military leadership. Through our education and training, we ensure learning and growth for service members at all levels throughout their entire career.


We contribute to the public debate through qualified research and development. We advise on Danish defence and security policy and on the practical challenges our society faces – today and in the future.


The Royal Danish Defence College creates lifelong learning through relevant education and training. Education and training that is practice-oriented. Education and training that is contemporary and just-in-time. Education and training that strengthens the service member, the unit, and the Danish Defence. The Royal Danish Defence College – in service to the Danish Defence.