Lektion i våbenhåndtering for Irakiske styrker.

Photo: Senior sergeant Benny, Press officer, OIR Team 9

Centre for Stabilisation, pursues through development and implementation of stabilisation projects to support research at the Institute of Strategy. Furthermore, CFS aims to be an active asset, available to the Defence Command Denmark and the Danish Defence in political environments where Denmark desires to do conflict management and stabilisation. CFS pursues through research and development to strengthen current, as well as future stabilisation operations.


The main task of Centre for Stabilisation is to develop and implement stabilisation projects in conflict areas. In addition, act as a centre comprising knowledge- and competencies available to stabilisation projects in areas, where the Defence Command Denmark and the Ministry of Defence pursue to launch or strengthen current and future stabilisation programmes. The projects are financed through the Danish Peace and Stabilisation Fund in the framework of bigger regional programmes.


Centre for Stabilisation serves as a meeting ground of the Royal Danish Defense College’s involvement in the programmes formulated and initiated by the Danish Peace and Stabilisation Fund. The meeting ground ensures a linkage between Danish stabilisation priorities and the opportunities of the Royal Danish Defense College to launch and manage externally financed inter-institutional research, and/or contribute to current stabilisation operations.


Centre for Stabilisation is currently involved in stabilisation programmes in Iraq, Syria, Sahel, Afghanistan, P and Gulf of Guinea. 

Latest research and development

In Danish Defence Research Database you will find publications, activities, press og research projects from Centre for Stabilisation.

Head of Centre

Chief Consultant David Vestenskov


Mail: dave@fak.dk

Phone: +45 72 81 73 18

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