[Originally published by Royal Danish Defence College]

Since the end of the Cold War the North Atlantic-Nordic-Baltic region has been characterized by prosperity, peace and tranquillity. Developments have, however, been far from uniform; some countries have prospered more than others and the role and structure of the armed forces in the new security environment differ considerably from country to country. The Signature conference will focus on these developments and changes in the North Atlantic-Nordic-Baltic region.

The Signature Conference features both keynote speakers and presentations by Nordic and Baltic researchers, strategists and operators.
The conference will take place on 19th-20th of May 2016, at the Royal Danish Defence College, Svanemoellens Barracks, Ryvangs Allé 1, DK-2100 Copenhagen.

Call for abstracts:
If you wish to submit an abstract for the conference please note that the abstracts must be based on recent publications and received no later than 15th April 2016. The abstracts will be published in a conference journal and distributed in soft copies to all conference participants prior to the conference.

For questions related to the conference please contact: Major Claudia Læssøe Pedersen, e-mail: imk-03@fak.dk, telephone: +45 2537 4971.

Signing up for the conference is possible until 13 May. Sign up and read more about the Signature Conference here.