[Originally published by Royal Danish Defence College]

The new report from the Royal Danish Defence College, highlights the differences and discrepancies between African and non-African units deployed at the UN-peacekeeping mission in Mali(MINUSMA).

In the report "African Peacekeepers in Mali", the authors Rikke Haugegaard, Peter Albrecht, and Signe Marie Cold argue that a number of factors shape these discrepancies, including where African soldiers are deployed in the mission area, the equipment at their disposal and how their governments support them before, during and after deployment.    

The inequalities encumbers the collaboration and coordination between African and Non-African units deployed at MINUSMA, resulting in fragmentation, which is noticeable across all elements of the mission.

The report is based on a collaborative research between the Royal Danish Defence College and Danish Institute for International Studies(DIIS).

The report is available on DIIS´s website