[Originally published by Royal Danish Defence College]

“The Greenland Dilemma” is the first book in English about modern Greenland, its booming global significance and how Denmark and Greenland are trying to coexist in the wake of 300 years of colonial relations. Denmark holds the sovereignty over Greenland, but many Greenlanders believe that Greenland, at some point, ought to be a country of its own. This may never happen – or it might.

In any case, it is crucial that the international community is brought to understand the implications so that misconceptions are replaced by updated and informed perspectives.

At the book release on may 21 the author pointed out, that there are many nuances to the debate about an independent Greenland. Even the Danish royal twins who has been given Greenlandic middle names were used as an example of the relationship between Denmark and Greenland and the influence that runs both ways. 

The point were proven true by the other speakers at the bookrelease; Johannes Nordby Riber, Military Researcher at The Royal Danish Defence College, and Nauja Bianco, Senior Advisor at The Nordic Council of Ministers, who both spoke of the challenges and many aspects of the relationship between Greenland and Denmark, as well as between Greenland and the rest of the World. Johannes Nordby Riber primarily focused on the challenges regarding legitimacy, security and capacity in Greenland, if they were to gain independence, and pointed out that as long as The Artic Counsel stays together there will be no conflicts in the Artic. Nauja Bianco talked about political versus ethnical aspects of the challenges from a Greenlandic point of view, and said that Greenlands natural ressources are the reason for the international awareness concerning the country. 

Nils Wang, Rear Admiral and Commander of The Royal Danish Defence College, underlined at the book release that this is an important book precisely because it fills out the lack of knowledge about Greenland, and enlightens and informs about the complexity of the matter, which has a huge influence on the stability in the region.   

You can find the e-book for free here