[Originally published by Royal Danish Defence College]

This book gives unique insights into China's and Denmark's views on and contribution to UN peacekeeping operations.
Four officers from the Academy of Military Science (AMS) in Beijing and four officers and two civilians from the Danish Defence present their views on the importance of UN peacekeeping operations in promoting peace and stability.
Under this headline, the authors discuss the future contributions and roles of Chinese and Danish defence within the UN. This includes contributions concerning China’s and Denmark’s participation in UN operations, China’s policy on the protection of civilians, Denmark’s contribution to the UN mission in Liberia, anti-piracy operations, and the prospective role of special forces in UN operations.

AMS plays a major role in the publication of China’s Defence White Papers. The latest version was published in May 2015 and declares that Chinese defence is to play a greater global role, emphasizing the importance of the UN as a framework due to its universal legitimacy. Denmark is similarly planning to continue its emphasis on contributions from Danish defence to UN missions. This book addresses the historical background and contemporary dynamics that determine the character of these contributions.

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