[Originally published by Royal Danish Defence College]

This marks the first time that the College uses this title. Nils Wang says, “General Knud Bartels has had an outstanding military career and ended his career as Chairman of the NATO Military Committee. He is able to unite his practical experience with an extensive knowledge within war theory and military history, which is why he is the obvious choice as adjunct professor. I very much look forward to the collaboration.”

Up until June 26th 2015, Knud Bartels was Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, before his career in NATO he was
Chief of the Danish Defence from 2009-2011. Knud Bartels is associated with the Institute of Military History and War Theory and will focus on both research and education, at the Royal Danish Defence College. Professor Bartels will start out with a research project on civil-military relations in the formulation and implementation of military strategy. The topic will be reviewed from both a contemporary and historical perspective. Another area that will be part of his research portfolio is operative military history.
His education efforts will, amongst others, take place at the Defence College’s Master in Military Studies.