[Originally published by Royal Danish Defence College]

During the last Defence Agreement of 2014 Denmark established a Special Operations Command for the first time in history and thereby went down the same path as some of its closest allies, whom have chosen to prioritize special operations within the past few years.

But what is so special about special operations? Which of Denmark’s security priorities shall the Danish special operations forces first and foremost support? What possibilities and challenges come with the establishment of a dedicated command?

The Royal Danish Defence College and the Danish Special Operations Command addressed these questions at the conference titled, Interdiciplinary Perspectives on Special Operations Forces on October 13-14th 2016.

The purpose of the conference was to bring together politicians, leading international researchers, national and international leading officers, journalists and an interested public to a discussion on the role and potential of special operations forces.

The presentations and panel discussions centered around three themes:

Leading and organizing for strategic effect

Professional entrepreneurship and self-perceptions in Special Operations Forces

Political and popular perceptions of Special Operations Forces

Watch a video with key points from the konference here: