[Originally published by Royal Danish Defence College]

This summer 30 years have passed since the German Historikerstreit – a complex and prolonged debate on how to contextualize and place Nazism and the Holocaust in German history. At a first glance this debate may appear to have been of interest only to historians, but essentially the Historikerstreit was a controversy over German identity, and eventually had a significant impact on virtually all aspects of German public life; not least on Germany’s security policy and its use of armed force.

Germany represent a striking but not exceptional case of a nation struggling to cope with traumatic and monumental episodes of its history. On 23. August 2016 the Royal Danish Defense College is host to a one-day conference addressing how different nations’ security policy and use of armed force have been affected by the past.

Speakers come from a range of European countries and their presentations of cases will be followed by q/a with the audience.

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