[Originally published by Royal Danish Defence College]

Is the UN and its multilateral set-up able to contribute to manage the challenges that stem from terrorist threats, from different interpretation of fundamental rules in the UN system such as the UN Charter and the Law of the Sea, and the role of the UN in managing a changing world order. At the conference, four officers from the Danish Defence and four officers from China’s Academy of Military Science discuss these questions at a conference that takes place at the Royal Danish Defence College. The officers present their views on topics such as: the UN operation in Mali; Chinese and Danish contributions to anti-terror and UN operations and to what extent counterterrorist operations will form part of UN operations in future; the role of rules of engagement and confidence-building measures in promoting peace and stability in the South China Sea and the Baltic Sea; and Turkey’s role in terrorist threats and international order in its near abroad.

The Academy of Military Science (AMS) is China’s primary military strategic institution. AMS advices China’s Central Military Commission, chaired by President Xi Jinping, about the role of the Chinese military in implementing China’s defence, security and foreign policy. AMS plays a main role in the publication of China’s defence white papers. The latest one, published in January 2017, announces that China prioritizes expanding international cooperation on anti-terror operations in a UN context. This statement stresses the need to discuss the preconditions for expanding such cooperation with China’s international cooperation partners in defence, including the Danish Defence.

Full program and registration

The conference takes place at Svanemøllens Barracks, Building No 118 (Auditorium), Ryvangs Alle 1, 2100 Copenhagen East.

Please note that the conference language is English.

Lunch (sandwich and water) is served in the lobby of the Auditorium. 

Danish Defence personnel may participate via FIIN VTC. For this option, please call VTC no. 6128017 between 0915 - 0925 am to connect.