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Aflyst i 2019 - Culture as an ”Operational Enabler”


Culture as an ”Operational Enabler” 

Aflyst i 2019 - Culture as an ”Operational Enabler” 

Course description

In military operations, culture is important in at least two ways: there is “our” culture (i.e. coalition forces and allied configurations) and “their” culture (i.e. the so-called “local” culture of the host nation etc.). Contemporary military operations are thus complex cultural assemblages of various cultures, which sometimes results in misunderstandings, surprises and even mistakes and clashes. How can military institutions and military personnel become more culturally adapt? What can we learn from academic theories about culture? And how can we best integrate culture into military thinking and military planning?

These questions are at the heart of the flex-course, Culture as an Operational Enabler. During the course, you are introduced to selected theories about culture primarily from anthropology, you will practically train your own cultural sensibilities, you will be introduced to concrete analytical tools for integrating culture into military planning and you will analyze a case for your exam based on your own choice. The course combines classical lecture-style sessions with hand-picked local and international experts with group work and practical exercises. During the exercises, participants gets hands-on experience with the introduced methodological and theoretical approaches. Lastly, participants will strengthen their ability to structure, write and present their newly acquired knowledge and findings in English.

The course and exam language is English.

Entry Requirements
Enrollment in the Master of Military Studies programme (MMS), completion of a BA-degree or the equivalent or officer’s training on similar level.
Participants must be in command of English as described in NATO standardization agreement (STANAG) 6001 : Listening: Professional (3), Speaking: Professional (3), Reading: Professional (3), Writing: Professional (3).

Although this course is part of a Danish Master in Military Studies, we warmly welcome participants from allied armed forces and – if we have space – from civilian milieus.

Learning outcomes
After completing this course, you will have obtained the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

• Knowledge of theoretical approaches to culture based on leading international research.
• Knowledge of how culture has been appropriated historically in military institutions.
• Knowledge about military anthropology and ethnography.
• Knowledge of how cultural knowledge can be structured and applied as an integral part of military thinking and planning.

Skills and abilities
• An ability to think analytically about culture and its relation to the military.
• An ability to make culturally sensitive observations.
• An ability to assess and choose relevant theoretical approaches and apply them wisely.
• An ability to identify, analyze and assess factors of operational relevance to the specific mission area.
• An ability to communicate, write and present own analyses and findings to a wide range of professionals (military and civilian).
• An ability to identify own strengths and limits within the field of operational culture.
• Strengthened abilities in academic presentation and writing.

Teaching and study methods
This course is a blended learning course combining collaborative distance learning with intensive and practical residential learning periods. You will be expected to put in about 10 hours of study per week in the distance-learning periods. We value student participation highly and combine classical lectures with practical exercises, individual- and group work.

Exam Regulations / Certification / Control
Exam type: individual written exam paper
Duration: 2 weeks
Grading: IAW the Danish 7-point grading scale
Control: external academic examiner, University of Copenhagen.


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Date of publication

May 2019

Target group

Students attending MMS and other qualified students for this level of education

Level of Education

Level 7


5 ECTS-point


14 weeks part time study



Date of application

10 June 2019


 External students: 7.000 DKK.


Royal Danish Defence College
Ryvangs allé 1
2100 Copenhagen

Course director

Assistant Professor Thomas Vladimir Brønd 
E-mail: thbr@fak.dk
Tlf.nr,: 7281 7662 

Director of studies

MJ Allan Therkelsen
E-mail: alth@fak.dk

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Sascha Hedberg
Tlf.: +45 72 81 70 82