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Information as an instrument of power - Information and propaganda in modern war and conflicts


Information as an instrument of power 

Information as an instrument of power - Information and propaganda in modern war and conflicts 

Objective of the module

The course explores the creation of effects through the use of information as an instrument of power. The student will be able to analyse and assess the dynamics of a conflict and the associated information environment, in order to identify and execute possible information activities, whilst being cognizant of the repercussions in the strategic environment.

Through a broad insight into communication in modern international conflicts and military operations the student will achieve the methodological and analytical skills to address particular questions and issues within the information domain.

Students admitted to the MMS program and qualified single module applicants. MMS students will have priority, but qualified single module students can participate.
Learning objectives
When having passed the course, the student will possess knowledge, skills and competences as listed below:

• Have knowledge about information as an ”instrument of power” including the main disciplines within the information domain in military operations.
• Have knowledge about the role of media, incl. social media, in modern war and conflict.  


• Analyze the information environment and its implications of military operations, incl. assessing the applicability and limitations of information activities.
• Analyze and discuss other actor’s information activities and propaganda products, incl. reflect on target audience(s).

After the course the student is able to:
• Independently be able to critique, reflect on and discuss questions and issues related to the use of information in conflict and war.
• Develop independent assessments of the information environment and information activities in a specific conflict or war.

The course is divided in three seminars.

Seminar I: Information as an “instrument of power”, general communications theory, propaganda history, the characteristics of the global information environment.

Seminar II: Information in a military context, strategic communication, public affairs and information operations, information as a joint function, related military disciplines.

Seminar III: Information war in peacetime, modern propaganda, fake news, social media, hybrid threats, countermeasures.

All three phases will be supported by case studies, discussions of contemporary issues in regards to the use of communication in modern war and conflitcts.  

Teaching approach
The course is based on seminars at the Royal Danish Defence College combined with asynchronic learning i.e., individual study, online discussions and one minor written assignment after the two first seminars as a pre-condition for exam participation.   

The course will be conducted in Danish. Most literature and some lectures will be in English. 

Type: Individual written exam paper (10 pages of 2.400 characters incl. spaces – plus/minus 10 %).
Language: Danish or English.
Pre-condition: One two pages assignment handed in.
Graduation: The Danish seven-step scale (based on and equivalent to the ECTS-graduation system).
Censorship: External.

Other remarks
The course takes place during fall term 2019.

Seminar dates (daytime plus evening):

26-28 AUG (seminar I)
17-19 SEP (Seminar II)
23-25 OCT (seminar III)

Sidst opdateret 07-05-2019 - kl. 10:31

Date of release

Maj 2019


Students attending MMS and other qualified students for this level of education and with a security clear-ance to NATO Restricted (DNK TTJ).

Education level

Level 7 ind accordance with the Danish Framework for Lifelong  Learning.


5 ECTS-point


12 weeks - part time study.


10. juni 2019

See Education Catalogue

Signing up

According to ordinary procedure for the MMS FLEX courses.
Apply here 

External students: 7.000 DKK.

Educational institution

Royal Danish Defence College
Ryvangs allé 1
2100 København Ø

Course director

SPKONS Jeanette Ser-ritzlev, IMO

Student advisor

MJ Allan Therkelsen
E-mail: alth@fak.dk

Admin Office

Royal Danish Defence



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