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Military Leadership 

“The Officer as a Leader” is a field of research in rapid development. Modern wars, frameworks and equipment, as well as an increasingly complex and globalized battlefield, constantly poses many new challenges for the officer. His or her skills as a leader are a central tools in an ever-changing military world. What is the best way to lead the soldier of today? How does modern communication influence the officer as a leader? And what is the difference between a military and a civilian leader?

The research concerning military leadership covers a number of subjects, from the day to day management of military personnel and overall management, to the management tools and organization of the Danish Defence. The research places emphasis on putting knowledge into action with a view to creating value in the form of effective and ethical leadership and management in the Danish Defence.
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Thomas Galasz Nielsen | 2018-4 | Book chapter
Vilhelm Stefan Holsting | 2017-11 | Paper
Anna Therese Heltberg | 2017-11 | Conference abstract for conference
Mikkel Kronborg Jønck | 2017-11 | Journal article

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