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Institute for Strategy 

The Institute for Strategy researches and teaches in the military strategic conditions and options of the Danish Defence.

We focus on the relationship between
1) the goals and values of the Danish security policy
2) the current and potential security treats against Denmark and
3) the Danish military strategic capabilities and mechanisms, cf. figure 1

Our research includes:

• Military strategy, strategy processes, alliances, powerful countries and strategic culture .
• Types of conflict and conflict dynamics; symmetric and asymmetric treats against Denmark and Danish interests and strategies for dealing with this.
• The development and use of new Danish strategic military capabilities, including special operation forces and cyber efforts.
• The goals and values of the Danish security policy in relation to the conditions under which the Danish government deploys the armed forces, international humanitarian law being the foundation. 

Our research raises awareness about the Danish military strategic options, and the purpose of our teaching is to help the officers of the Danish Defence to think strategically and to form a bridge between political intentions and military mechanisms.


Figure 1: Military strategy and the relationship between security challenges, military capabilities and goals and values of the Danish security policy.
The institute employs both military and civilian researchers and we combine the perspectives of them both. As part of a military organization, we have access to a lot of central actors in our research fields. This access creates a unique opportunity for collecting data for a number of our projects. 

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Royal Danish Defence College Institute for Strategy

Svanemoellen Baracks
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Press inquiries concerning the institutes research area can be directed to the media group

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