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Institute for Strategy 

The Institute for Strategy researches and teaches in the military strategic conditions and options of the Danish Defence.

The Institute for Strategy is the main research unit in the study of strategy, conflict analysis, international law and security policy in the Danish Defence. The Institute for Strategy researches and teaches the military strategic conditions and options of the Danish Defence.
At the Institute for Strategy, military and non-military personnel work jointly in order to combine perspectives in our research. Educating the public is of high priority to us, and the Institute’s researchers are often used as experts by the media.


  • The Institute’s focal points in terms of research are:
  • Military strategy, strategy process, alliances, States of power and strategical culture including complex strategy and cyber strategy
  • Conflict types and dynamics, symmetrical and asymmetrical threats towards Denmark and Danish interest and the strategic responses to those
  • The use and development of new Danish military capacities, including Special operation Forces


The Institute’s knowledge and research is a central component in the education of the Danish Defence’s personnel. The education that the Institute provides is focused on strategical issues and dynamic unpredictable situations that require analytical based decisions. The Institute trains officers in strategic thinking, and how they can bridge the gap between political intensions and military actions.

In the Master’s course, we contribute with research-based education in how military force is used in states overlying strategy, and how it works cooperation with other instruments. At the Diploma course, IFS provides education on Denmark as a strategic partner, and the Danish Defence’s role in Danish security and foreign policy. 

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Royal Danish Defence College Institute for Strategy

Svanemoellen Baracks
DK-Ryvangs Allé 1
2100 Copenhagen
E-mail: fak@fak.dk
Tel: +45 7281 7000


Press inquiries concerning the institutes research area can be directed to the media group

Tel: + 45 2553 3271