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Institute for Military History and War Studies  

The Royal Danish Defence College’s (RDDC) Institute for Military History and War Studies provides teaching, research and advice on military history, war theories and the sociology of war to the Danish armed forces.

Military history is studied in relation to contemporary and future conflicts, with the objective of identifying in past events both specific and  general trends and principles. Military history is furthermore used to challenge and validate war theories, and such theories in turn provide an important theoretical framework for analysing military history.
Military thinking and war theories are addressed from the perspective of both mastering the classical doctrines of Clausewitz, Mahan and Mitchell, but also challenging them and contrasting them with alternative and competing theories, for example new war theories.

We are also responsible for the teaching of academic theory and methodology at the RDDC. While this is not an independent research area within the institute, we address it from the perspective of the classical discussion about whether war can be made scientific.

Our main priorities are the following:

- Danish military history and Danish military thinking, with special emphasis on the Danish armed forces since 1945
- The history of warfare since 1800, and especially since 1939 with geographical emphasis on the Euro-Atlantic domain
- The application of classic war theory on contemporary and future conflicts with special emphasis on its use in campaign planning and doctrinal development
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Royal Danish Defence College Institute for Military History and War Studies

Svanemoellen Baracks
DK-Ryvangs Allé 1
2100 Copenhagen
E-mail: fak@fak.dk
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