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Institute for Military Operations 

The Institute for Military Operations (IMO) is the core competence centre for the study and doctrinal development of joint military operations in the Danish Defence.

The Institute’ main task is to provide targeted research and study activities in order to promote the development of future commanders and staff officers, while disseminating this knowledge throughout the Danish Defence, international partners, authorities, agencies, and alliance stakeholders.

High quality staff development is the top priority, and this is accomplished through the theoretical development at a Master’s degree and Ph.D. level, field research, dissemination through thesis related courses, international seminars, workshops, conferences, the publication of research papers, reports, books, and the provision of expert analysis to the media.

The Institute has a number of civilian and military personnel conducting research at an international level, with a high level of expertise both academically and in practice, and relies on an engaged staff of teachers,
researchers, instructors, and lecturers for staff courses as well as other courses and programs.

Areas of expertise

The Institute for Military Operations focuses on the following key competence areas:
• Military strategy, crisis management and campaign planning.
• Joint concept and doctrine development, with special emphasis on joint military operations, integrated thinking in military operations and intelligence, logistics, and information operations.
• Operational activities, with focus on the operational art and design, operational functions, thematic campaign planning, resource disposition, organization, deployment and synchronization.
• Operational level planning processes.
• The comprehensive approach and the interaction between military and non-military resources and capabilities.
• Strategic and operational communications.
• Future types of operations and scenario development, including the assessment of future capabilities
Military technology with a focus on information technology and mega-trends in relation to tomorrow’s battle space.
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Office hours

Mon. - Tues.:  8.00 - 16.00
Wed. - Fri.: 8.00 - 15.00


Royal Danish Defence College Institute for Military Operations

Svanemoellen Baracks
DK-Ryvangs Allé 1
2100 Copenhagen
E-mail: fak@fak.dk
Tel: +45 7281 7000 


Press inquiries concerning the institutes research area can be directed to the media group

Tel: + 45 2553 3271