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Operational Culture 

Today and in the foreseeable future military operations in conflict areas take place within the paradigm of “war amongst the people”.

The complexity of understanding how the wide variety of actors such as militant groups, local security forces, local government partners and coalition partners interact and influences military operations within this paradigm presents a major challenge.

The research performed at the Royal Danish Defence College aims at leveraging cultural analysis in order to contribute to the understanding of the complexity present in the environment.

The research in the use of culture in military operations is divided into two main areas:

The first area deals with the application of cultural analysis in the processes in military planning. The main focus is to provide the staff with tools that ensure integration of cultural analysis into the staff´s understanding of the operational environment thus providing the Commander with the basis for more informed decisions.

The second area deals with cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication. The main aim is to provide tools to the individual soldier that can enable the soldier to conduct cross-cultural interaction with individuals in the mission area.
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Rikke Haugegaard | 2017-12-4 | Other contribution
Rikke Haugegaard | 2017-12-4 | Other contribution
Maya Mynster Christensen | 2017-12 | Report
Rikke Haugegaard | 2017-11-15 | Conference abstract in proceedings

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