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Danish Lessons from Stabilisation & CIMIC Projects

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Danish Lessons from Stabilisation & CIMIC Projects 


This report, which was commissioned at the end of 2014 by the political parties behind the Danish engagement in Afghanistan, is the contribution of the Royal Danish Defence College to the compilation of lessons from the Danish Integrated Approach concept in support of operations in Afghanistan.
It is one of three studies and is intended to provide a concise, accurate and practical collection of the Danish lessons stemming from the projects that the Danish Armed Forces carried out within the defence budget framework in support of military operations (the so-called CIMIC (i.e. civil-military cooperation) projects), as well as the lessons from stabilisation projects carried out in cooperation between the Danish Armed Forces and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Afghanistan, and which were financed through the Global Framework Fund and its successor fund, the Peace and Stabilisation Fund.
The Royal Danish Defence College was furthermore tasked to investigate the stabilisation efforts and military operations in Afghanistan to establish how they were integrated and concerted and assess where possible their outcomes in relation to the indicators of progress, i.e. security, governance and development, to provide a basis for further recommendations in relation to future Danish stabilisation operations.
The report, therefore, only describes a fraction of the total Danish expenditures in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2014, i.e. the 16 million Danish kroner allocated for stabilisation projects and the 7 million Danish kroner spent on CIMIC activities.

The other reports are:
AFGHANISTAN LESSONS IDENTIFIED 2001-2014, PART I: International Lessons from Integrated Approaches in Afghanistan, composed by DIIS, Danish Institute for International Studies.

AFGHANISTAN LESSONS IDENTIFIED 2001-2014, PART II: Development Cooperation in Afghanistan, composed by the consulent house Landell Mills
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Lieutenant Colonel Steen Bornholdt Andersen,
Project Researcher Niels Klingenberg Vistisen and
Student Researcher Anna Sofie Schøning