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Contemporary Conflicts is a bi-annual military studies magazine published by the Royal Danish Defence College. The magazine covers a broad range of areas within the military sciences, including military operations, strategy, security policy, military leadership and military history.

Each issue is based on a relevant overalltheme and encompasses a number of articles written by both researchers and practitioners that are all considered subject matter experts within their respective fields of work.

In Contemporary Conflicts, researchers at the Royal Danish Defence College present their own research and analyses, thereby providing the reader interesting insights into the current challenges experienced by the Danish Defence and other Western defence establishments.

Each issue contains 4-5 articles written primarily by the college’s own researchers. However, space has also been made for external contributions as well as more practice-oriented articles, giving the reader an insight into for example the perspective of the pilot or the captain.

The magazine is primarily aimed at the national and international peers of the Royal Danish Defence College such as NATO-partners and other researchers and experts working within the fields of defence and security policy.

However, as the articles are a hybrid between the academic and the journalistic genre, anybody with an interest in defence and security policy can gain interesting insights from reading the magazine.