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Counterterrorism, Rules of Engagement and International Order in a UN Context
This publication is a co-publication between the Academy of Military Service, The Royal Danish Defence College and The Danish Foreign Policy Society.

First article in the Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies published
Read about the governmental aspects of a new strategy for cyber and information security that play a role in Denmark’s resilience against cyber threats in the new Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies.

The Baltic Dilemma: NATO Security in the Russian Anti-Access Bubble
In an effort to better understand the growing geopolitical tensions in the Baltic region, the Royal Danish Defence College and the Danish Institute for International Studies are organizing a public conference in Copenhagen on May 29, 2018.

New Book contribution: Will China's Rise be Peaceful?
In a new book on the rise of China, Liselotte Odgaard from the Royal Danish Defence College contributes with a chapter on 'Coexistence in China's Regional and Global Maritime Security Strategies: Revisionism by defensive means'.

Conference: Achieving Superiority in Cyberspace
Deterrence, Resilience and the New US Strategy of Persistence. The conference will be conducted in English.

Cyber Conference: Small state use of offensive cyber operations
In cooperation with the Danish Institute for International Studies we you to a conference on small state use of offensive cyber operations; Implications and dilemmas. On 07 DEC 2017 at 12-16 pm. at Svanemøllens Barracks.

Conference: Reading Russia right
One-day conference in Knights Hall, Frederiksberg Castle, Copenhagen on the 29 November 2017, 9 am. - 3 pm.

Conference: Counterterrorism, Rules of Engagement and International Order in a UN context. Views from Chinese and Danish Defence
On 12. Dec. 2017 09.30am–2.30pm, the RDDC & the Danish Foreign Policy Society hosts a conference that offers insights into Chinese and Danish views on international order and whether UN will provide a platform for common action in these areas.

New Joint Report on Cooperation and Connectivity in Afghanistan, Pakistan
Approaching Regional Coherence: New Joint Report on Cooperation and Connectivity in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the surrounding Region of South Asia published by the Royal Danish Defence College

Military History and Gender
The absence of women from military history, and especially battlefield studies, will be debated at this seminar, 27. march at Svanemøllens Kaserne.

New book on cyber attacks
Project SAVE - Social Vulnerability & Assessment Framework - is an explorative study on cyber attacks using Social Engineering 2.0 and advanced open source intelligence (OSINT).

Invitation to seminar on ballistic missile defence
The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association and the Royal Danish Defence College present a seminar with a focus on ballistic missile defence and area air defence in an American, German and Danish perspective.

Learning from War- Key Note presentation by Professor Jeremy Black
Are you interested to know what use the study of historical battles can be to the military? Here is a opportunity to be further informed...

New Policy Brief on inequalities in the UN mission in Mali
African and non-African soldiers operate under very different conditions in the UN stabilization mission in Mali (MINUSMA).

Call for Papers: The Use of Military Forces in Domestic Affairs
Next year’s conference: The use of military forces in domestic affairs in Bucharest is now calling for papers.

Public seminar: EU conflict prevention initiative in Africa
On 1. nov. the RDDC is hosting a public seminar on "EU conflict prevention initiative in Africa – the cases of the CAR, South Sudan, Libya and DR Congo. – Lessons learned, lessons identified".

International seminar on "Mutual Trust Building Seminar Initiating reconciliation between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and beyond"
On oct. 26-27. a seminar on mutual-trust building with participants from Denmark, Afghanistan and Pakistan takes place at the RDDC with focus on the security situation and potentials for improvements in the cooperation in the region.

New Research Paper: Project Avatar
This paper will present Project Avatar, an experiment in obtaining effective intelligence from social media sources, and several emerging analytic techniques to expand the intelligence gathered from these sources.

New book: Danish and Chinese Perspectives on the Objectives of United Nations Missions
Liselotte Odgaard has in collaboration with LIU Silong authored a book about the Danish and Chinese perspectives on UN peacekeeping objectives by military officers and civilians working in the field of military strategy and international conflicts.