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Reading Russia right - a one-day conference

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Reading Russia right - a one-day conference 

On 4th Dec 2018 the Royal Danish Defence College will be hosting a conference about Russia, open for everyone to join.

2018-11-20 - 15:25

Russia’s annexation of Crimea and subsequent war in Eastern Ukraine in 2014 has ignited a fierce international debate on how to view Russia’s foreign policy.

Much of the discussion has focused on Russia’s alleged “revisionist position” towards the present international system, which Russia considers too Western dominated, and Russia’s supposed “assertiveness” or “aggressiveness”.

Some scholars point out that what we are experiencing is a new Cold War between Russia and the West and that the annexation of Crimea and the war in Ukraine is a “game changer”, arguing that the West must re-assess its threat perception and change its policy vis-à-vis Russia in a more firm direction.

Other scholars argue that Russia’s behaviour is what we should expect of a normal great power and a direct result of successive NATO and EU enlargements toward Russian territory and warn that a one-sided balancing of Russia will only lead us towards more trouble.

To cover these subjects, and others, we have invited a number of distinguished international Russia experts. The conference is part of the syllabus of the RDDC master students and cadets, but is open to the general public.

See the programme here

If you have questions, please contact Mogens Frost Tvorup Larsen, at mola@fak.dk

Royal Danish Defence College
Ridehuset, Frederiksberg Palace, Copenhagen

Please note: Chatham House Rules applies to the conference. Also please note that there is limited parking space available.

Sign up to participate here.