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New book on cyber attacks 

Project SAVE - Social Vulnerability & Assessment Framework - is an explorative study on cyber attacks using Social Engineering 2.0 and advanced open source intelligence (OSINT).

2017-02-09 - 15:16
Social engineering involves the exploitation of the human element of cyber security. The study is an investigation into the phenomenon of Social Engineering 2.0 with the aim of developing a social vulnerability assessment (SVA) framework for conducting cyber reconnaissance to uncover critical information and using deception tactics to create social engineering attacks, which will help identify the human security vulnerabilities within an organisation.

In Project SAVE, a total of 185 social engineering attacks have been executed against three organisations that are part of critical infrastructure in Denmark. See the results of the attacks as well as the utilised attack vectors, and get insight into how cyber criminals utilise information from open sources to design personalised cyber attacks.

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