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New Policy Brief on inequalities in the UN mission in Mali

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New Policy Brief on inequalities in the UN mission in Mali 

African and non-African soldiers operate under very different conditions in the UN stabilization mission in Mali (MINUSMA).

2017-01-04 - 12:54
The new Policy Brief, "African Soldiers are in the Firing Line", points to numerous factors that reinforce inequality in MINUSMA, and suggests a number of ways to reduce these differences.

The inequalities between European and African peacekeepers extend beyond performance, reflecting deep-seated and political discrepancies of a structural nature. Yet they manifest themselves in fundamental differences in training and equipment, and ultimately casualty statistics.

The new Policy Brief  is written by Peter Albrecht, Signe Marie Cold-Ravnkilde & Rikke Haugegaard and is a collaboration between Danish Institute for International Studies and Royal Danish Defence College.

Click here to read the Policy Brief