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Media Relations 

Press Officer at RDDC

Captain Casper Emil Holland
Tel. +45 728 17022
Mobile: +45 41 96 42 00
Email: le-02@fak.dk

The press officer is available during standard working hours. 

Outside of standard working hours, urgent enquiries can be made to the officer on duty at the Defence Command Denmark at tel. +45 45674567 or the their press officer on duty at tel. +45 70200440.

The media group – experts in military matters

The Royal Danish Defence College media group consists of experts within the core areas of the RDDC. The experts can speak to the press on factual matters in the field of:

 Security and defence policy
 Military strategy
 Military operations
 Theories on war
 Military history 

The media group does not pronounce on strongly political issues that are about to be the subject of a political decision-making or classified content. 

Enquiries concerning participation of Danish troops in current missions, accidents or personal matters can be made to the press officer on duty at the Defence Command Denmark, tel. +45 70200440.

Contact the media group: 

Tel. 2553 3271 
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