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Education programmes
The Royal Danish Defence College has the educational responsibility for both branch-specific basic officer’s training programmes and the continuing professional education of officers. This promotes coherence in the overall training and education of officers from ‘lieutenant to general’.

Our academic programmes are primarily: the Diploma in Military Studies, which is the basic officers’ training programme,  includes the Master in Military Studies, the military linguists’ programme and several management and specialisation courses - some of them are offered in English, see below.

Master in Military Studies

The Master in Military Studies is a research based higher education programme for military personnel and civilians employed in the Danish Defence.


Courses in English

The Royal Danish Defence College makes a number of higher education and continuing professional education courses available, primarily aimed at employees of the Danish Defence.

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Officer Education

The Danish basic officers’ training programme, Officer Education, trains and develops commanders and leaders for the Danish Armed Forces.


Military Linguist Programme

The Officer Linguist programme is an  intensive two-year course in which specially selected cadets are trained as military interpreters and cultural advisers.

Student Guide

If you have questions about our courses or programmes, contact our Student Guide

Student Guide