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Student Guide 

The student guide contains advice and information about the Officers' programme and the continuing professional education programmes for officers at the Royal Danish Defence College. 
You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions on one of the following programmes: 





Foreign students

It is possible to participate in selected courses as a foreign student. For example, the Master's programme the Royal Danish Defence College has an exchange agreement with the Norwegian Defence. However, most of our modules are in Danish.

Occasionally it is possible to sign up for
English-speaking modules or courses.

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Military Linguists' Programme
Captain Martin Carlslund
+45 728 17681

Continuing Education Courses 
Captain Allan Therkelsen
+45 728 17061 

Master in Military Studies
Major Claus Rohde
+45 728 17051  

Peter Holgersen
+45 728 17046