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The Danish Defence Library Center 

The Danish Defence Library Center (DDLC) is the research library of the Royal Danish Defence College (RDDC).

The Danish Defence Library Centre  is divided into two departments: one at Svanemøllens Kaserne, which focuses on research support and the library at Kastellet, which also has study facilities for cadets and other students.

The library centre works closely with the three military academies and the teachers and researchers associated with the Master in Military Studies. The collection is regularly updated with the newest and most relevant literature on military subjects. It also holds a vast catalogue of relevant electronic resources, which can be accessed from the library’s own homepage.

The library’s staff also collaborate closely with other departments of RDDC to ensure that the education meets national standards and the research is on an international level.

The library at Kastellet is open to the public weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00.


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Danish Defence Library Center

Kastellet 46
DK-2100 Copenhagen

Tel.: +45 72 81 73 40
E-mail: fbc@fak.dk

Web: www.fak.dk/bibliotek (in Danish)