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Royal Danish Defence Language Academy 

Welcome to the Royal Danish Defence Language Academy (RDDLA) – the language hub of the Royal Danish Defence College. The language Academy is home to the two-year military linguist programme in Arabic, Russian and Persian and a three-month course for civilian linguists.
The RDDLA is also responsible for the delivery of English courses to cadets and officers within the Academy and at the Army, Navy and Air Force officer academies.

In addition to language teaching, the RDDLA develops and administers language tests to personnel across the Danish Defence in accordance with the NATO standardized agreement, STANAG 6001.

Finally, the RDDLA also provides language, interpreting and cultural capabilities to support the Danish Armed Forces’ national and international commitments and operations. In large part, this is possible thanks to a dedicated reserve corps of about 250 military linguist officers who, under RDDLA command, complement the Academy’s 24 full-time staff.
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Mon. - Tues.:  8.00 - 16.00
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Royal Danish Defence Language Academy

Svanemoellen Baracks
DK-Ryvangs Allé 1
2100 Copenhagen
E-mail: fak@fak.dk
Tel: +45 7281 7000