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Svanemøllens Kaserne

On 3 May 1830 King Frederik VI issued an order of the day stating:
"In that We most graciously have decided in Copenhagen to establish a military college to educate those officers who in the future shall be suited to serve in the General Staff as well as in the Engineer, Artillery, Rocket and Road Corps, We do hereby ordain that this college shall commence its work from the 1st of November this year and that the preparatory class shall begin on the 1st of June next year. This Military College shall be established at the Cannon Foundry."
As stated above, the Royal Danish Defence College was established in 1830 when King Frederik VI established a military college. The training of officers had thereby became a systematic education in higher command and control ; in other words an education in leadership and military sciences.
Since 1830 the college has taken in officers from both the Army and the Navy, and from 1951 also officers from the Air Force. Between 1868 and 1951 the college was part of The Royal Danish Military Academy, but in 1951 the college was established as an independent entity with the name it has today.
Today education is only one of many activities at the Royal Danish Defence College. The last couple of years, the college has undergone big changes. With the Defence Agreement 2013-2017 it was decided that the three military academies would be merged with the Royal Danish Defence College. In 2015, the academies of the Army, Navy and Air Force was merged with the Defence College and a new  basic officers’ training programme was implemented along with intensified research activity. The goal is for the Royal Danish Defence College to become an internationally recognized centre for research and education. Therefore our motto is: "Sapientia et providentia" (knowledge and providence).