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Advisory board


The Advisory Board gathered for the first time in June 2015. The  Board will function as a think tank, ensure quality and support a broad and varied approach to the development of the Royal Danish Defence College in the years to come.

The composition of the Advisory Board reflects the many different roles and tasks of the future defence. The Board members come from different respected organisations and have different approaches to development, education and research. The members will support the management of the Royal Danish Defence College and ensure that strategies and projects fit into the academic and military universe.

- To have an Advisory Board is not something special. Most universities have an Advisory Board. What is special about our situation is that we need to operate in a military context but still interact closely with the civilian world. Therefore, the Advisory Board members need to help us look at our research and education with both military and civilian eyes, says Chief of Royal Danish Defence College, Rear-admiral Nils Wang.
The Advisory Board will meet once a year to discuss specific challenges and further development of the Royal Danish Defence College.
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