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Advisory board


The Royal Danish Defence College’s (RDDC) Advisory Board was established in 2014. Its purpose is to inspire, challenge, assess and evaluate the RDDC’s strategic and substantial development, including fields of action, scope, quality and relevance.

The Advisory Board contributes to shaping the RDDC’s quality system and supports the vision to develop and implement top study programmes, which will train officers to be among the best and most respected in NATO.

The composition of the Advisory Board reflects the RDDC’s many roles and future tasks in defence related matters. Advisory Board members come from accredited organizations and have different experiences, perspectives and approaches towards strategic and academic development, military and defence issues, as well as education and academic research.

Rear Admiral and former Commandant of the Royal Danish Defence College, Nils Wang, says: ‘Having an Advisory Board is not unique. Most universities and higher education institutions have one. However, what is unique in this context is that the Royal Danish Defence College operate in a military environment in close cooperation with civilians. The members of the Advisory Board shall therefore help them reflect on their academic research and study programmes by reviewing it from both a military and civil perspective’.

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Bjørn Bisserup (chairman), General, Chief of Defence, The Danish Armed Forces
Henrik Ryberg (co-chairman), Rear Admiral, Commandant, The Royal Danish Defence College

Frederick ‘Ben’ Hodges, Lieutenant General, Commanding General, US Army Europe
Henrik Busch, Dean, Metropolitan University College 
Henrik C. Wegener, Rector, University of Copenhagen
Henrik Tvarnø, Director, A.P. Møller Foundation
Jamie Shea, Deputy Assistant Secretary General, Emerging Security Challenges Division, NATO
Kim Pedersen, Partner and Attorney at Law, SIRIUS Advokater
Kristian Fischer, Director, Danish Institute for International Studies
Laila Reenberg, Managing Director, Danish Defence Personnel Organisation
Linda Schumann Scheel, Ph.d., Owner, ScheelConsulting
Louise Dedichen, Rear Admiral, Commandant, The Norwegian Defence University College
Louise Windfeld-Høeberg, Radio Presenter and Correspondent, Danish Broadcasting Corporation
Ove Kaj Pedersen, Professor, Copenhagen Business School
Rasmus Larsen, Executive Vice President, CAO, Technical University of Denmark
Sten Rynning, Professor, Centre for War Studies, University of Southern Denmark
Thomas Lund, CEO, Dansk Teknologi
Anja Dalgaard-Nielsen, Director of Institute for Strategy, The Royal Danish Defence College
Jens Ringsmose, Director of Institute for Military Operations, The Royal Danish Defence College
Ole Kværnø, Dean, The Royal Danish Defence College