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At the Royal Danish Defence College we shape the future leader of the Danish Defence. Our ambition is to develop some of the most talented and recognized leaders in NATO.

The Royal Danish Defence College’s programmes are based on research, conducted by the Royal Danish Defence College’s six institutes, within  three core areas: Military Operations, Military Strategy and Military leadership.

Besides offering research-based education, our military research is used widely, both within and outside of the Danish Defence to the benefit of  society, our allies and partners. The Royal Danish Defence College has a large network of collaborators at both Danish and foreign research and education institutions and we contribute to the development of NATO doctrine and research projects.


The Royal Danish Defence College (RDDC) comprises institutes, schools and centers.

The management of the Royal Danish Defence College is conducted by the Commander of RDDC, supported by the Chief Staff and the Dean.

Sapientia et Providentia
Knowledge and Foresight