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The Royal Danish Defence College delivers research within the core competency areas of military operations, military leadership and management, and military strategy, as well as the interdisciplinary subject areas of military history, theory of warfare, the laws of armed conflict and operational cultural studies.

Our research on current and future conflicts and the role of the armed forces is used widely, both within and outside of the Danish Defence to the benefit of society, our allies and partners.

Military Leadership

Military leadership is – not surprisingly – a core area in our research. The multi-faceted battle fields of today demand a constant development and updating of the instruments of the military leader.

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Military Strategy

The development of military strategy never ceases. Weapons, operations, threats and participants are constantly evolving, making military strategy one of our main focuses.

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Military History

The past offers ample material for contemplation and inspiration as well as instructive examples, at all levels from strategy to tactics and of relevance for all subjects taught at the Royal Danish Defence College.

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Military Operations

The nature and complexity of military operations is changing with rapid haste. There are new components and dynamics in each new operation – from immense logistic challenges to guerrilla-tactics or civilians living in the area of the operation.

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Operational Culture

The research performed at the Royal Danish Defence College aims at leveraging cultural analysis in order to contribute to the understanding of the complexity present in the environment.

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