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Flyvevåbnets Officersskole på Svanemøllens Kaserne

Royal Danish Air Force Academy 

The Royal Danish Air Force Academy offers training in military leadership and management, which makes their students capable of conducting the military operations in the airspace, they will be co-operating as Air Force officers. They have subjects such as Political Science, with special focus on defence and security policy. They are taught modern principles of leadership in both theory and practice and are trained thoroughly in the ability to lead, in everyday life as well as in critical situations – in Denmark or abroad. 

The Air Force’s task is to maintain military and civil safety in the Danish airspace by monitoring the airspace. They also monitor the marine environment and assist in rescue operations at sea, with transportation assignments etc.
The Air Force also solves tasks internationally, where they assists with transportation aircrafts, Fighters, transportation helicopters and surveillance radars. 

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Royal Danish Air Force Academy
Ryvangs Allé 1
DK-2100 Copenhagen 
Tel: +45 728 17950
E-mail fak@fak.dk