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The Dean advises and supports the Commander of the Royal Danish Defence College within the areas of research and education strategy. The Dean is superior to the academic institutes at the Royal Danish Defence College and responsible for the development and quality assurance of the educations offered by the Royal Danish Defence College. The Dean is also responsible for the accreditation of the Military Diploma and the Master of Military Studies.
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Ole Kværnø

Ole Kværnø
Head of Departement
E-mail: dekan@fak.dk
Tel.: +45 72 81 73 11

Pro Dean

Jens Ringsmose
E-mail: jeri@fak.dk
Tel.: +45 72 81 73 60

Head of the Library Center

No photo

Kirsten Bisgaard 
Chief Consultant
E-mail: fbc-ch@fak.dk
Tle.: +45 72 81 73 21